our organisation have guarantees that we take very solemnly. the guarantees are helpful in ensuring the safety of a client, certainity and contentment. you can undergo our guarantees to get rid of doubts that you may have concerning our organisation and our operation terms.


At Course work hero, we make original papers, We abstain from plagiarism under any situation. Our papers are written from afresh and according to specified paper directives. Your paper cannot be traded to other customers and you cannot get a paper that had been written from other persons because we do not have a database to store the past papers. We entrust our writing personnel with writing every paper from afresh yet we examine all of our papers for plagiarism prior to distributing them to our customers.In addition, we have internal plagiarism detecting software that we utilize for that reason.Our plagiarism detecting software is helpful and well organized.

100% money backA

A customer may request a repay due to various reasons. in many instances, A customer will ask for a repay after postponing an order. Make sure you cancel the order promptly as possible for you to get a refund of 100%. If the writer assigned your order has not started to work on it or the order has not yet been assigned to the writer then you can get your full repay. In some cases you get a 50 to 70% repay depending on the time spent by the writer on your work’ Clients in other instances a customer can request a refund because of quality discontent.Where the value of the paper does not unite with your assumption. In this case, the quality department will sight your request and work it out in your interest and the writers interest.


When it comes to handling clients information we are very cautious. we only request for the data we need from customers. The clients personal data is kept in the database per the GDPR laws. The seclusion of our customers is strictly guided and the clients personal data is never shared with the third parties’

Revision policy

our company provides free revision for all our papers. if you need a free revision, request within seven days after a paper has been approved.We allow clients to request for revisions as many times as they need.You paper can be revised by the same writer who was assigned your order or you can request for a different writer to revise it.You will only receive a free revision as long as you have not changed assignment instructions.The free revision service that we offer is to make sure our customers are well pleased by the service delivered to them.

24/7 support

we have provided many answers from the Frequently asked Questions page and you can always feel free to contact us for more queries through phone calls,live chat and e-mails.Our online support group individuals are very friendly to our customers. contact us for any questions and enjoy our assistance.


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