Week 8 discussion

General Instructions for DiscussionCreate a new thread for each posting.Refer to course material using proper Bluebook in-text citations.Post responses here in public discussion forum.Please put the following in the subject line: Discussion + your nameAddress each classmate by name in your responses, and sign your name to each posting, please. Responses should be in depth, comprehensive, and promote further discussion beyond merely agreeing/disagreeing.Discussion: Part 1 due Thursday, 11:59 pm ET; Part 2 due Sunday, 11:59 pm ET Part 1Bernie is wrapping up the internship discussions with a conversation about citations. He has asked the interns to offer their thoughts about legal citations, including their importance in legal documents.Discussion questions:A. Briefly explain the importance of providing readers of legal documents with precise legal citations.B. In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of learning citation format? Why?Part 2React to ONE (1) colleague’s response to the discussion question(s).


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