Upward Bound

UPWARD BOUND I would like to work with upward bound this summer because I feel like it will be a great chance for me to meet new people and to start new relationships. I read one of the essay of a student that work with upward bound and he says that working with upward bound was one of the best things he ever did, his essay tell how he was anti-social and had little friends and how he didn’t like to talk to anyone well that kind of sound like me and I believe upward bound would help me just as much as I help.
I would like to work with upward bound this summer because if I go home it will be hard for me I would have to find a job which I’m doing now and I would have to find some where to stay. And when I go home for some reason I find myself in trouble a lot. But the good thing about Jarvis I now know how to talk to people I know how to interact with people so working with the kids that’s coming in shouldn’t be hard for me. I believe I’m a likable person I don’t like being in mess or with it, I play football and basketball so I know how to have fun and I’ll always have something to do.
And this will also be a good chance for me to work and save up money for the 2013-2014 school years. I don’t mind the work I can do whatever asked of me. I never worked with the upward bound program but I would like to so I can have some experience with working this would be my first job at Jarvis Christian College and I will give all that I got to make sure that I do my best and to see it that all the workers do their best as well.

I know how to listen and do what I have been told to do I don’t mind doing the job and know how to take orders from the leaders. In high school I was in JROTC so I know how lead and follow I can talk to the kids because I know how I want to be talked to but I also know how to get the point across without coming off rude. If I get the job I will do everything in my power not to let no one down I will work hard and the job that’s giving to me.
With hopes of getting this job I’m giving my word that I do my best at the position I’m put at. Wanting to work knowing that this job can help me in more then one way I had to at least try to get it although I might not meet all the standers of getting the job I would really love working with the kids and I would really love working for the upward bound program.


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