The year 1968

This is the grading rubric, the book is called 1968: The Year that Rocked the WorldUsing Kurlansky’s book for your evidence, make an argument (p. 1) for why you think 1968 was such an explosive year in America and abroad. Discuss the three most important reasons in depth (and you may mention other reasons as well), quoting directly from the book.4. Can I locate an argument (a.k.a. thesis) on p. 1? Remember: An argument is an assertion that your evidence can prove. It does not deal with what you like or dislike; nor does it deal with what could have happened if something else had or hadn’t happened. 5. Did the student cite (i.e. quote/paraphrase/discuss) passages from Kurlansky?– Using a formal citation format consistently?– Other sources may supplement the required book.6. Did all of the student’s quotations help prove her argument?7. Did the student plagiarize any material (that is, fail to cite sources that she used)?Long quotes should not be more than six lines.


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