The Epic of Gilgamesh

What is important to understand here is that you are going to create a thesis statement based off of your owninterpretation of the material. You need to not overthink this assignment. The professor is expecting to see afocused, refined argument in support of a thesis statement based off your critical/literary analysis of the text. Youcan do character analysis, character comparison, thematic analysis, or any other number of avenues you can think of.Do not simply summarize the story; that is not analysis.MLA Style Parenthetical Citations must be used (no block quoting). An MLA Style Work Cited page is required.Additional Information:Create a unique title for your paper. You must use Times New Roman font at size 12. The paper must be doublespaced. Paragraph format is required. Remember, when writing a supporting paragraph, follow these steps: 2-3sentences to introduce your point, a citation from the source material that backs up your point, then 2-3 sentencesexplaining how the citation backs up your point (this is called synthesis)MLA Parenthetical Citation Examples:For The Epic of Gilgamesh – “[insert quote]” (1. 1) ***this shows that you cited from Tablet 1, line 1**Work Cited Page Guide:For your Work Cited page on each of your three Critical Analysis Papers –

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The Epic of Gilgamesh
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