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As an employee of a small Brick and Motor Organization, the owner has instructed me to come up with ways that the Organization can generate higher revenue my integrating its processes with e-commerce; thus it will be my duty to ensure that the new technology is implemented successfully by creating a business system analysis customers not able to purchase products online. I will recommend the implementation of cloud computing and business intelligence.Problem Statement1

Brick and Motor Organization is a young company that is still at its formative stages where we focus on designing handbags, shoes and clothes. We develop products for both genders at a discounted price. We have four full-time and five part-time workers. Our company has a website that is displayed a few products that are available in the store but the problem is that clients have to travel and purchase directly from the shop. This supply chain is highly limited which has led to lower income when compared to the competitors. We are competing with other Organizations such as; Macy, Nordstrom, Zappos, Hautelook and Kohl. The Brick and Motor company needs to be more customer and revenue-oriented by coming up with a user-friendly website. (Mahmood, Z., 2011).Two Technologies

In my business systems analysis, I will use two technologies: cloud computing and business analytics and business intelligence solutions. The cloud computing technology is important, especially for visualization, parallel computing, service-oriented architecture and utility computing. Cloud computing will allow Brick and Motor Organization to deliver its services to clients through the internet, thus reaching many clients all over the world.

The second technology will be business analytics and business intelligence solutions which will include the gathering of current and historical data together with using scientific analytics to examine raw data which will be used in making future decisions. (Risnews. 2011).Business Requirements Objectives

In the past few years, there has been a gradual growth in e-commerce as a result of advancing technology. In the current markets, businesses that are unable to evolve as technology evolves end up closing down. In order to improve its operations, Brick and Motor Organization must integrate technological advancements. Among the best ways to use technology is embracing an e-commerce website. This process will involve coming up with a good plan for inventory assessment and the company’s shipping transactions. When e-commerce is appropriately integrated, the company will reach customers worldwide and not only those who are making direct purchases. Currently, people prefer purchasing online to visiting a physical store; thus, for more profits, companies like Brick and Motor Organization have to integrate e-commerce into its processes. It is important that companies understand their client’s preferences and shopping habits to target them effectively. If Brick and Motor Organization fails to do this; it risks being eliminated by its competitors. (Mahmood, Z. 2011).Project Description

Brick and Motor Organization is a small company that only allows direct purchases in-store. However, this method has led to the company not being able to reach customers living a long geographical distance from the shop. Brick and Motor Organization needs to come up with online platforms which will enable access to many customers. For this strategy to be successful, the company will have to have a strong online presence by integrating the latest technology. This project is determined to develop an e-commerce website that will be significant in reaching more people by; proper analysis of data, inventory management, shipping management and adequate reporting. Thus making the Organization to reach a wider customer base since more people today prefer online shopping to in-store shopping. The other importance of adopting this technology is to be more competitive. Remember that the designers of shoes and clothing have become numerous in the market, increasing competition. If Brick and Motor Organization does not use this technology, there is a high possibility of failure.Technology Requirements

The first technological requirement for the new technology is integration with e-shopping, where it will be used in inventory management and shipping process. As Brick and Motor Organization tries to reach more clients, it is important to ensure that inventories and shipping process is reliable and efficient. The new technology will be used in the processing of payments and providing an order status. Secondly is that technology will be used in the creation of a collaborative and interactive process between the employees and customers. To facilitate proper management of customer information and reporting, the new technology has to be involved.Competitors and Technology Cloud computing Kohl’s Organization designs products such as footwear, accessories and beauty products. This Organization has fully adopted the use of cloud computing. In 2018, Kohl’s management announced that it had integrated its systems with cloud computing by positioning its transactions to the cloud that making its processes and operations effective. This has made it to meet both long and short term goals. This technology is used in several areas, such as managing business operations and running e-commerce. Business intelligence and analytics

On the other hand, Macy’s company designs and sells designed clothes and footwear for both men and women. To compete favorably with its competitors, the company has integrated business intelligence and analytics into its processes. This has enabled it to improve its capabilities of data analytics and generation of reports. In short, Macy’s Organization tries to understand how it interacts with its clients by collecting important feedback from them. Macy’s has also come up with a big data department for collecting information and evaluate it to understand hidden meanings. (Risnews. 2011).Technology Benefit Through business intelligence and analytics, Macy’s has been able to improve the customer’s experience since they can compare specifications and prices of different commodities. In order to understand the demands of certain products, Macy’s can handle huge amounts of data. For example, the company saved five hundred thousand dollars in 2011 after installing this system. In case Brick and Motor Organizations adopt this technology, it will be able to understand its clients better. It will also be used in the creation of a healthy relationship between the staff and customers. The technology will also be important especially during the shopping, processing of payments and managing inventory. Technology Solutions Technology One The first technology is business analytics and intelligence which will be used for; proper planning, interpretation of data, reporting and analysis, which will lead to accurate and informed decision making. Business analytics will also be important in satisfying the needs of customers, improving operations and meeting current market demands, which will reduce wastage by overproducing. This technology will be very important in increasing the revenues of Brick and Motor Organization compared to its competitors. Technology Two

On the other hand, cloud computing will be very important after Brick and Motor company comes up with a website because sometimes there is heavy traffic. The Organization will store its information in the cloud and access it only when required. Cloud computing is also very secure that reducing the possibility of cyber-crimes. It will ensure that clients’ details such as their contact, emails, purchase information, credit card number and other confidential information are highly protected. That is why Brick and Motor Organization need to adopt cloud computing to ensure that network delay issues are mitigated and data is stored safely.Recommendations Technology Solution

For Brick and Motor company, cloud computing will be very important since confidential data of the Organization and clients will be stored in the cloud servers. This will also make the website information to be accessed by any network accessing devices such as; a laptop, smartphone, tablet and so on. With cloud computing, clients will be able to track their inventories, payments and shipping easily. Using public cloud storage systems are also relatively expensive compared to physical hard drives which are also insecure, thus saving capital for Brick and Motor Company.Overall Benefit

Currently, Brick and Motor Company depends on customers who have to visit their stores physically. Still, this problem can be solved by introducing cloud computing to ensure everyone in the world is connected. The company, IT team will also be connected to the company’s website worldwide. This is going to make Brick and Motor Company efficient since workers will be working remotely. For example, if there was a system issue and it’s not official time, the IT team will troubleshoot the system remotely. Brick and Motor Company will also have to hire new personnel who will ensure that the website is running in the required manner and all questions from customers are answered in real-time, thus improving their loyalty. This measure will make the company to me at a competitive point. (Delen, D., Moscato, G., & Toma, I. L. 2018)Basic Security Considerations Security Features The major problem that Brick and Motor company is exposed to by coming up with e-commerce is threats from hackers which require some security measures. It is important that the customer’s information is always protected that is why I recommend that Brick and Motor company should use a virtual private network and secures socket layer. I also believe that SSL encryption is important in protecting HTTPS connections via the internet. Proxy service is important since it intercepts moving data that preventing any attempt to hack our website. To allow our users to access an alternative IP address without slowing their internet connection we will combine SSL proxy with a transferring data; a VPN will be important for a secure connection especially over a public network; which in the recent past has been hacker’s target. (How SSL Works to Protect User Data Through HTTPS Proxies. 2013).  Third-Party Vendors Which trying to identify the right third part option best suited for our Organization, I recommend that we should identify a full list of those who are available and then discuss their strengths and weaknesses. We have to select the most suited Organization which will help us in handling critical data and protecting our security. We also need to ensure that the company is licensed and meets all the ISO standards; since in case of any failure Brick and Motor Company may end up closing down. Internal Safeguards

For the Organization to be effectively internally safeguarded, we will implement a Wi-Fi protected access which will be an encrypted service. When customers visit our store, they expect free Wi-Fi; we will ensure that the connection is protected with a firewall which will keep hackers trying to breach our system.

The workers will be connected with a single sign-on, which will allow them to access several software that is related using a common password. With a single sign-on, employees with access to the system with only one username and password. These are some of the features we will implement to protect our Organization and completive effectively with other Organizations.


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