(SWOT) analysis

Walmart is the company I went with

Use the same organization as in previous week’s projects. Last week, you completed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis for your organization. Hopefully, you have begun researching potential social causes, issues, or nonprofits for your company to adopt.

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(SWOT) analysis
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As you consider your options, select three or four possible candidates (social causes) and evaluate whether the alternatives you come across fit with your company’s mission, vision, and ethical framework, as well as any existing social responsibility efforts. Finally, select the new cause that will build upon your company’s strengths. Will selecting this cause support the responsibility owed to your stockholders and stakeholders?

Tasks:Propose your top three potential social causes for your organization and why your selected social cause or issue is a good match with your chosen corporation for creating a corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign. You will want to be sure that you cover the following items in your report:

  • Evaluate how each of your top three social causes do or do not meet your company’s mission, vision, and ethical framework, as well as, any on-going social responsibility efforts.
  • Defend why the social cause you chose is a good fit with your corporation.
  • Assess how Stockholder Theory and Stakeholder Theory impacted your final selection (Week 1 reading)
  • Justify which personal ethical framework impacted your final selection and how it impacted your selection (Week 2 reading)
  • Analyze the internal and the external ethical impacts of your selection (Week 3 reading)

Submission Details: 

  • Submit your paper in a 5- to 7-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.


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