In the Week 5 Course Materials are speeches by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, Ella Baker, Martin Luther King, Jr., Stokely Carmichael, and Malcolm X. Imagine that you have been asked to speak at your church, at a local school, or at your town’s council meeting about the status of race relations in your community. Using quotes from at least two of the above speeches, prepare a 250-300 word address that you would give relating to:- race and the church- black-owned businesses- education- police treatment of minorities- voting rights- another topic relevant to your community Be sure to give the setting for the speech, how many people are there, and why you are addressing this topic to this group. Then, put your speech in, using the quotes, and telling the audience whom you are quoting. Be sure to acknowledge whose words you are using and why you are using them in the actual text of the speech.

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