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  1. How important are intergenerational kinship networks and extended family members in your family? How has this changed since your parents’ and grandparents’ generations? Support your rationale.
  1. Identify an assignment in this course that had a positive impact on you. How will you be able to apply the skills you learned from it to gain life and/or career success?

Professionalism in the Workplace

  1. How often should you update your résumé? Within your response, explain the benefits to updating your résumé at your recommended times.

Organizational Communication

  1. Discuss the communication strategy employed by Tim Cook as mentioned in the Unit VII Lesson. Do not focus on whether or not you agree with the actions taken by Apple and the U.S. government. Instead, focus on how Cook communicated Apple’s decisions. As a leader, do you think his message was effective for the general public, for his employees, and for his key partners? Do you believe he used the correct channels to send the message? In your opinion, is there any way for the message to be more effective? Explain.
  2. Discuss how the concepts in this course can be applied to real-world situations and increase your chances of career or life success.

Personal Computer

  1. If you had to coach a fellow employee or student on creating an effective PowerPoint, what would be your top three tips? Why? What would you tell him or her to avoid?
  2. Identify a task that you would need to perform in your current career or future career, and explain how you would apply the knowledge you have learned in this course to succeed at performing the task in a real-word scenario.

Managing Complex Projects

  1. Identify a company that you are familiar with that does a good job of risk management. Include your rationale on why you believe they are effectively managing their risk. What risks do you see?
  2. Reflect on topics learned in this course as they could apply to your particular discipline and job. What specific skills might you be able to apply to your current position? Respond to fellow classmates’ reflections.

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