Assignment Guide Or How to Stop Worrying and Pass the Course Take – home Assignment  Multiple parts and questions  Full day to return  1200 words total (excluding the bonus)  10 % error margin for the word count  Text format (14pts, TNR, 1.5x)  File format and name  Internet sources are not allowed  Books/articles/movies etc. are allowe d  One attempt for submission Grading Criteria & Performance Content  Comprehension and accuracy Context  Reflection and relevancy Writing  The text and the structure Some examples Correct but badly organized Incorrect and badly organized What to do Important steps  Read the question  Respond to what is being asked  Be relevant  Be concise  Organize the text  Review your answers Writing tips  Use standard paragraph structure  Divide them into parts  Introduce and conclude the answer  Avoid generalization, simplification, exaggeration  Avoid strong statements & opinions How to answer Complete answer, well organized Excellent reflection, little unorganized Academic Integrity What is it?

 Ethical principle  Not negotiable Why does it matter?

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 Content ownership  Unfair advantage What happens?

 Downgrade or straight fail (F)  Letter of Warning How is it calculated?

 Turnitin and personal check Types  Plagiarism, collaboration, cheating… Between honesty and misconduct Plagiarism Types  Copying  Using insights  Paraphrasing  Recordings  Self -plagiarism  Software How to avoid?

 Using your own words  Benefit not copy  Acknowledgement  References and citation Your answer needs to be YOUR answer Turnitin Report Similarity  To external sources  To other submissions Calculation  Text content  Title & bibliography Threshold  How much is too much?  Percentage How not to answer Good Luck!

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