Your reflection paper must be 3 pages double spaced (approximately 750 words) in size 11 or 12 font with 1 inch margins.
TOPIC – The role of Rhetoric in our understanding of Climate Change
Based on the lecture on the rhetoric of science, and all the course content so far regarding the importance of rhetoric in shaping social attitudes, write your personal analysis on how rhetoric has shaped current attitudes, beliefs and policies regarding climate change. The arguments presented should relate to the material covered in class, and must cite the book, lecture or concepts from the lecture on at least five separate ideas. You may use MLA or APA style, but your heading and citation style must be consistent throughout the paper. Use headings to separate your main concepts in the paper.
Your paper must include:
– A title
– An introductory paragraph (no heading necessary)
– A description of your understanding of the rhetoric of climate change, including a thesis statement summarizing the main point of your paper
– 3-4 concepts from the course applied to your topic, developed in articulate paragraphs divided by headings as appropriate
– A concluding paragraph summarizing your key points and implications of your analysis (what you think it means for rhetoric, for climate change, for society, etc)
Proofread carefully. This is your final writing assignment and you will be graded on both content and quality of writing. Use spell check and grammar check. Do not copy content verbatim from any source. Paraphrase and cite your sources. If you copy text verbatim, use quotation marks and cite source including page number.
Include a list of references or works cited IN A CONSISTENT FORMAT.

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