SNT Meeting 1

Welcome to your first Success Networking Team meeting. You’ll hear us refer to these as your SNT’s. Every SNT will be divided into three parts, You’ll begin with a kickoff, then move into a discussion, and end with a wrap-up.

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In the kickoff, you’ll check in with each other, share thoughts about your lives outside of the NSLS, and try to get to know each other on a personal level. Then, in the discussion, you’ll share what progress you’ve made on your action steps, and hold each other accountable for accomplishing your SMART goals. Finally, in the wrap up, each individual member will submit a report to the NSLS and plan your future meetings.

Okay, let’s begin with the kickoff. You may know everyone in your group, or you may be meeting them for the first time, either way, take about 10 minutes to learn more about the members of your SNT. Start with the basics, name, year, where you’re from, then you’ll share why you joined the NSLS and what you want to get out of this experience. Pause the video now, and take about 10 minutes. When you’re done, hit the play button again.

[Activity instructions on screen]

Now that you’ve gotten to know each other, it’s time for you to designate roles and responsibilities for each of your members. You may remember from the SNT overview video that each team will have at least one defined role, the Facilitator. However, there are also optional positions, like the Communications Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator, Activity Coordinator, Time Keeper, and Recorder. Every group is different. Some have the Facilitator complete the responsibilities of all of these roles, while other spread them out amongst the group. If you need a refresher of the breakdown of each position, refer back to the SNT overview video. Once you’re clear on each role, pause the video and take some time to designate your Facilitator. Then, figure out how your group will distribute the rest of the responsibilities. Once you’ve decided, you can un-pause the video.

[Optional pause to the video]

Now we’ll start with the second section, the discussion. The first thing you’ll do is set a SMART goal, make this a short-term goal that you can achieve in the near future. It’s even better if this goal is a stepping stone to achieving a longer term goal you might have thought about in the leadership training day. Just as a reminder, SMART stands for specific, measurable, actionable, rewarding, time specific. Make sure your goal is hitting on each of these key points.

Next, you’ll receive ideas and support from your team, including identifying if the goal is SMART. And finally, you will create action steps. These should lay out your roadmap to success, and includes some tasks that you can accomplish before your next meeting. Depending on the size of the group, each member should receive about seven to nine minutes to complete these steps. Your Time Keeper can keep you on pace for the size of your group.

Remember that you’re a team, so be kind and generous with one another. Go ahead and pause the video now to complete this process.

[Activity instructions on screen]

And now, you will end the meeting with the wrap up. To receive credit towards induction, you’ll each have to submit an SNT report that will be reviewed by either your advisor, or someone at the national office. You can send it through the NSLS app, or your members area, but each of you must submit your own report to receive credit for the work you did during your meeting. Don’t forget, before you leave, you should set the date and time of your next meeting. Until then, we encourage you to work towards your goal by completing the action steps you identified today. Congratulations on moving one step closer to your induction with the NSLS.

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