SNT Meeting 2

Welcome back to your second SNT meeting. Congratulations to your commitment to working on your goals and continuing your steps towards induction.

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Today, let’s talk about accountability. With most groups, there’s usually a mix of people. Those who’ve completed all their action steps, those who did some of their steps, and maybe even a few who had life get in the way or found themselves out of time. Wherever you are on your action steps, it’s important to communicate your progress with your group. SNTs were created to support each other. So, we’ll celebrate the victories of the day and also provide support to those who need a bit more encouragement or help with a plan.

Now, let’s get started with your meeting. We’re going to follow the same structure as the last meeting. A kick off, discussion, and a wrap-up. Since you’ve likely gotten to know your group members a little better, we can dive even deeper into your goals and action steps. Let’s get started.

To kick of today’s meeting, go around the room and discuss one of the two conversation starters on the next screen. Feel free to pause the video as you take some time to talk.

[Activity instructions on screen]

From here, let’s start with a discussion about your action steps and goals. Each team member will have approximately seven to nine minutes to share their updates. Talk about your progress on your action steps, including any accomplishments or challenges. Then, think about your next action steps and share them with the group.

Finally, encourage the rest of the group to share their feedback or support. If anyone in the group is having trouble making progress on their action steps, feel free to communicate about what’s holding you back. Now it’s time to pause the video and take some time to discuss.

[Activity instructions on screen]

Great job. Now, it’s time to wrap up your second meeting and prepare for the next one. Talk with your team members about a date, time and place that works well for all of you. Also, remember that in order to receive credit for induction, you have to submit a SNT report that will be reviewed by either your advisor or someone at the National office. You can submit your report via the NSLS app or through your members area. You can choose to submit your report right after your meeting, or later today. But either way, you must submit it to receive credit for your work.

Keep in mind all the action steps you shared today and do your best to complete them before your next SNT. Congratulations in completing another step towards induction with the NSLS!

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