research paper

I need the research paper in this layout. Include diagrams and analysis like you did before but add it to this. Use diagrams to help with solutions and identify the problem. For example, the  Lewin’s Change Model like you used before. The fishbone diagram is a good one to use. It is a visual way to look at cause and effect. It is a more structured approach than some other tools available for brainstorming causes of a problems. Attached are previous work you helped me with to reach this point 

·        Title Page (see attached example)

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research paper
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·        Executive Summary (Abstract)

·        Table of Contents

·        Introduction

·        Statement of Problem

·        Purpose of Research

·        Research Questions

·        Research Methodology

·        Specific Models of Analysis Used

·        Review of the Literature

–              Theoretical foundations informing research

–              Authoritative sources regarding subject under investigation

·        Research Findings and Impressions (relative to each research question)

·        Recommendations for Action (relative to each finding)

·        Recommendations for Further Study( Not necessary but up to you)

·        Summary and Conclusion

·        Attachments

·        References (citing authoritive sources used through out paper)

In essence, the recommendations are informed by the findings; the findings are in direct response to each research question; by answering each research question, the purpose of the research is being carried out; as the purpose of the research is carried out, the problem is addressed and can hopefully solved or ameliorated.

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