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Need an research paper on cir#2. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. CIR#2-Cyber Crime The recent industrial growth has led to technological innovations (Healy The growth in technological innovations have led to increased cyber-attacks as cyber criminals gain the knowledge and skills to access other people’s information without authorization. Cyber criminals are using mobile worms and other tools to initiate cyber-attacks (McAfee, Inc 1). Cyber-attacks have fostered sexual immorality among children, jeopardized security, compromised privacy, and derived significant financial losses to internet users in America. As such, there have been numerous debates on the need enact internet censorship laws that would limit the effects of cybercrime in America.

The increasing financial loses and security threats that America experience because of cybercrime triggered my interest in this topic. The article, “Cybercrime costs $575 billion a year, $100 billion to US” by Tal Kopan prompted me to address the current issue, cybercrime. Apparently, America accrues the largest cybercrime costs in the world. Indeed, America suffers financial losses amounting to about $100 billion that has led to significant job losses and a downturn in the economy (Kopan 1). Moreover, FBI Director aggravates the seriousness of the issue by showing how cybercrime and cyber espionage pose fundamental risks to Americans (Pelley 1).

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I feel that cyber-attacks are the dominant problem to global security, market, and technologies. The rise of hackers like the Anonymous exposes America to serious security, health, and financial risks. Currently, America is suffering huge financial losses and security threats subject to the increasing cyber-attacks on its systems. Cyber criminals are hacking social and financial accounts of internet users in America. They access private information and manipulate the victims to give them money. They are also hacking security systems using malware. Children are also victims of cybercrime. Only, internet censorship laws can contain this devastating menace.

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