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Need an research paper on a course on substance abuse. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

My major motive behind learning this particular course of drug abuse was to develop my career as a licensed substance abuse counselor and to serve the community to promote healthy living habits among the people. I feel that learning is extremely important and must be continued in order to keep our skills sharp and inculcate creativity and innovation in ourselves.Before involving in pursuing a course in substance abuse, my professional competencies regarding various skills such as written and oral communication, problem-solving, and cooperation with the other members were moderate.

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research paper
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Notably, I had moderate communication skills both in written as well as oral forms. In my professional life, I used to involve in evaluating technical data and apply my logical and analytical problem skills in resolving work-related issues. At the same time, I enjoyed taking challenges, I believed that challenges encountered in life not only test our level of competency but also prepares me to deal with challenges that might emanate in later life. Moreover, I had fair competency with respect to information retrieval and utilization, I often used to read books and journals on diverse subjects that had offered me valuable knowledge regarding information retrieval and utilization.

I firmly believe that goal setting is a crucial part of my career as well as personnel development planning. Considering my strengths and weaknesses my career goal is to become a licensed substance abuse counselor so that I can help the drug abuse victims and their family overcomes their sufferings. I always viewed drug abuse as one of the major problems faced by societies across the world.Thus, it made me motivated to opt for the course and develop a career that would not only benefit me but also the com&nbsp.organization as administrative assistance, I had come through various drug addict patients suffering from severe problems which further strengthen my desire to develop my career as license substance abuse counselor.&nbsp.

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