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Need an research paper on apple and phinnaeus or julie and david. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Apple and Phinnaeus or Julie and David: What’s in a Q1. What Business opportunity has Maryana Korwitts identified and taken advantage of, and was the founding of her business customer-driven?Maryana Korwitts, a nameologist, focused on nameology and tried to focus on factors that can influence people’s living style by proposing people with appropriate names so that they can lead a successful and flourishing life. Nameology is the science of names in which it is assumed that keeping inappropriate names leaded to difficulty and obstacles in life.

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Nameology basically revolves around names. people having perfect names would have a triumphant life style. This concept has been very much popular in India. Maryana Korwitts too believed in this concept and changed her name from Mary Ann. Her basic belief was that names have the characteristics of changing personalities and life styles. This change in name had a great impact upon individual’s living pattern, the great example that she witnessed was that people with the name of David were more studious as compared to other students.

Although, this nameology concept of her was not demanded by customers, it brought great business for her as a nameologist.Q2.What is Korwitts’s target market?Maryana Korwitts’s main target market was parents who wanted to name their new born babies on the basis of Nameology Individuals wanting their babies to lead a successful life in future were enticed to buy a $399 package of Naming Manual which included many different things such as a copy of Book Name Power, five online BABYtalk profiles of top name choices, a 30 minute advice on telephone and a Personalised owner’s Manual for the baby.

Besides the Babies, the other target markets for Maryana Korwitts were companies and individuals that had faced a downfall. All those individuals and companies were the targeted who believed in Nameology and lead a difficult and a less successful time period. Maryana Korwitts has been really competitive in providing names and logos for businesses and organisationQ3.What kinds of companies or products would represent competitive threats to Korwitts’s business? The main competitors for Korwitts’s business were its competitors in the same business field such as Kannan M. Mr. Kannan M runs a business in the same area of Nameology but he has pointed out that Nameology can not successful until and unless it is well coordinated with other issues such as Astrology and Bioenergetics.

The competitor for (Maryana Korwitts’s website for Nameology business) is which is being run by Mr. Kannan M.Besides these competitors in the same field of Nameology, other competitive threats for Maryana Korwitts have been the Astrologers other Numerologist who suggest that Nameology is not in itself a complete area to suggest names that can lead individuals to carry out a successful life. Numerology is basically an area which basis its results upon numbers, each number having its own characteristic and value.

It has been usually criticized that Nameology cannot be perfectly complete without Numerology and Astrology. ( structures, making sense of identityhttp://namestructures.

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