In Chapter 2, Rene Descartes caught my attention. His background was interesting enough, especially that his longest lasting “relationship” was a three-year long affair. Aside from that, what really caught my attention was the mind-body interaction concept. Descartes did research to determine the physical part of our bodies where the human body and mind actually interact. Upon his research he found that the brain is the main attraction for the mind’s functions. I think the reason I found this so interesting is because we do still see this concept in today’s time, but we especially act on it. Every time we have a thought, idea, speak, respond, it all uses this mind-body interaction. It has shaped the field of psychology, as it explain a more in depth scenario of our mind relating to our body, and explains the psychological point of view. 

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John Stuart Mill’s story was very interesting. The fact that James Mill used his own son as a long term experiment was dedication and not something you see on a regular basis. He believed that when you are born, the mind is like a blank slate so he chose to teach his son from an early age about algebra, Greek, and Latin, to name a few subjects. The child was not allowed toys, friends, or distractions and was not allowed to make mistakes. His father’s upbringing of him was successful because when he was 11 years old, he wrote his first scholarly paper and was able to master a university curriculum by the age of 12 years old. This stuck out to me because I have never seen heard of anyone using their child as a test subject and James Mill seemed to have the theory down that the mind really is a blank slate and you can fill it with as much knowledge as possible and the results will yield successful. 


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