Public Health

Examine 3 current public health-related events or issues, which are COVID-19, Food safety, Climate change.

Public Health

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Public Health
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For this Paper, you will examine 3 current public health-related events or issues, which are

COVID-19, food safety, climate change.

The paper should be comprised of 3 parts:

  1. Introduction to Public Health At the beginning of your paper, you should provide a comprehensive introduction to the field of public health – what is it, what does it cover, why is it important? You should have both breadth (ensure you give the reader a broad overview of public health) and depth (to prepare the reader for the three events you will discuss).
  2. Public Health Events/Issues You should examine the three (3) current public health-issues.

For each:

• Provide comprehensive background information on the event or issue under debate

• Identify why this is a critical issue to the population and in the field of public health

• Describe the extent of the media coverage surrounding this event or issue

• Cite one reputable source and one media source to support your description

  1. Public Health in Our Society

In the final section of the paper, discuss how public health is viewed in today’s society, in the public, and in the media. Are there implications for how we perceive public health, based on what we see in the media? What does it mean for how public health is viewed in our world? What can we do to improve society’s understanding of public health?

Final Paper Guidelines

• You must use formal, third-person language in the paper.

• You must use at least 4 reputable sources in the paper to support your statements: one for each of the three public health events/issues, and another one of your choosing. In addition, each public health event/issue must have a media-related citation, for a total of 3 media sources.

• References must be properly cited in your paper, either in APA or AMA format.

• Minimum of 2000 words in the body of your paper, Not including title page or references.

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