The topic to write upon is: Port Security

The topic port security is too broad.  rill down a little and select a topic area within the larger topic of port security.  The subtopic could be technology, regulatory, operational, etc…  By focusing on a subtopic, the reseacrh is more manageable and specific.  

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You are to prepare your paper in a word document (Times New Roman, Font 12-double space) using APA style format (“Resources” and APA info attached below). Your research paper should be 10-12 pages of content excluding your title page and reference list (“Abstract” required). A minimum of 10 outside references required. Additionally, you are to include a Title page and Bibliography page. Your research paper must be an original work and you cannot recycle a paper.

When you submit paper it will be automatically sent to Turnitin and checked for plagiarism. It is important that you closely review your Turnitin report and similarity score. No amount of copying is acceptable (allowance for references, footnotes, and quotes). Quotes should not consist of more than 10% of your content. I am looking for your own thoughts in your own words so I do not want to see excessive cited material. However, cited references used to support your work must be properly cited in Turabian style format. Contact instructor with an explanation of a similarity score over 30% which may indicate plagiarism.

Please submit a plagiarism report from upon completion

Please follow these requirements and format


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