Project management

  • Based on the PC and Software Installation Project example from our unit lesson, what are some of the techniques that you would use to determine the best risk mitigation strategies? Also, discuss which of the following is better: performing a qualitative or quantitative analysis.
  • This unit discusses creating activity durations. In some industries, subject matter experts may guess the time it will take to complete an activity. In other industries, the estimated duration will be calculated based on a formula. Name an industry that would likely use subject matter experts to estimate the activity durations. Name an industry where the estimated duration will likely be calculated based on a formula. Explain your reasoning, and provide examples supporting your thoughts.
  1. Org. Theory & Behavior
  • What do you feel is a stronger motivator: intrinsic or extrinsic rewards? Why do you feel this way?
  • Why do you believe teams fail? What factors do you believe lead to failure? As a part of your discussion, include an example of a team you either participated in or witnessed that failed.
  1. Innovative Business Decisions
  • Have you ever experienced groupthink when working as a part of a team? Did it affect your performance? Why, or why not? Looking back, what would you do differently in this situation?
  • Think about change models that you have examined in this unit and identify your preferred approach. Explain your reasoning for selecting it. Discuss a good or bad organizational change effort that you have experienced.
  1. Human Resource Management
  • With baby-boomer employees retiring rapidly the leadership void is being felt throughout corporate America. This means Generation “X” and “Millennial” will be moving up to fill those voids. This also means change so there is the possibility of conflict between younger and older employees. Above is a short four-minute video that I think you will find humorous but comment on whether or not you believe that some older employees picture younger employees in this manner and support your points. Keep in mind that the video is humorous and “not” a caricature to suggest “all” millennials act this way!
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s stated mission is to stop and remedy unlawful employment discrimination. With a sizable federal budget, they process thousands of cases against private and public-sector firms. Some forms of employment discrimination violating Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act are making selections based on race, religion, gender, and controversy surrounding Affirmative Action regulations. Attached is one of the most eye-opening and enlightening PowerPoint presentations given by Dr. Timmerman to explain Affirmative Action. After reading the slides and points made address whether seeing this presentation changed your opinion on whether Affirmative Action has outlived its purpose and be sure to explain why or why not.
  1. Principles of Microeconomics
  • Consider how the price elasticity of demand for cigarettes has changed over the last 30 years. What do you think the reasons for it are? If you had to develop economic incentives to reduce the demand further, what would you recommend?
  • Present a private market or government function that could be operated more efficiently with the introduction of competition and explain how this could be accomplished.

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