Project Management

Page 1 of 6 PROJECT MANAGEMENT A ssignm ent – Assignment opens November 30, 202 – Assignment is due December 6, 2021 The purpose of the Assignment is to give you an opportunity to apply relevant theories and concepts from the Project Management course, to an organization. You must support your discu ssion with relevant findings in literature. That is, your opinions and statements need to be substantiated with readings from literature, models, textbook, and other forms of academic literature reviewed. Care should be taken to link your selected topics t ogether. The final assessment will be in TW O(2) parts :  Part 1: A research project in report format , written in APA 7 format . (The rubric is included .)  Part 2: Individual meta reflection s, using the template provided. . Page 2 of 6 Part 1: The Assignment R E Q U I R E M E N T S 1. Prepare a project management plan for your desired company’s project . Project Proposal: Project Homestea d To build a nd operate a 5 million USD homeless shelter in downtown Kingston to accommodate 600 people by January 2023. This project will provide food, shelter, basic medical and mental health care, and referral for additional care to government -funded facilities. The shelter will also provide opportunities for employment for skilled and unskilled workers based on their level of education. This will empower and rehabilitate individuals to become independent and functional members of society . 2. Projects should not exceed 50 pages R ubr i c f o r t he P r o j e c t T he a l l o c a t i o n o f m a r k s i s a s f o l l o w s : Written P lan : T a bl e o f C o nt e nt s E x e cu t i v e Su m ma r y I nt e gr a t i o n Ma na ge m e nt Sc o p e Ma na g e m e nt T i m e Ma na g e m e nt C o st Ma na g e m en t R i sk Ma na g e m en t C i t a t i o n s a n d R e f e r en c e s Page 3 of 6 APA 7 format is required Pr e s en t a t i o n a n d G r a m ma r Page 4 of 6 ST R U C T U R E O F T H E P L A N T he f o l l o wi n g c o m po n e nt s a r e r e qu i r e d u nd er t h e r e s p e ct i v e k n o w l e d g e a r ea s , e xp l a i ni n g t h e tools and techniques u t i l i s e d t o a c hi e v e t h e f ol l o w i n g ou t pu t s : I nt e g r at i o n M an ag e me nt  Project Charter  Assumption Log  Deliverables  W ork Performance Reports  Issue Log  Lessons Learned Register  Final Product, Service or R esult Transition Sc o pe M a n ag e me nt  Scope M anagement Plan  Requirements Management Plan  Requirements Documentation  Requirements Traceability Matrix  Scope Baseline – Project Scope Statement, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and WBS Dictionary T i me M a nag e me n t  Schedule M anagement Plan  Activity List  Activity Attributes  M ilestones List  Project Schedule Network Diagram showing all requirements and schedule baseline  Duration Estimates  Basis of Estimates  Project Calendar C o s t M an ag e me nt  Cost M anagement Plan  Cost Estimates with Reserve Analysis  Basis of Estimates  Cost Baseline  Project Funding Requirements  Utilization of Earned Value Analysis Page 5 of 6 R i s k M an ag e me nt  Risk M anagement Plan  Risk Register (opportunities and threats)  Qualitative Risk Analysis  Quantitative Risk Analysis  Risk Response Planning  Incorporation of a Decision Tree Analysis – Expected Monetary Value Page 6 of 6 Part 2: Individual Meta Reflection A template is to be included in this section of the document being submitted . At the end of the project, review all the work you have done and use the data to populate the template below . Individual Meta Reflection s must be compiled and added to Part 2 of the Project document being submitted . Meta Reflection Template Module: Project Management What did you read for this course (apart from the notes)? What was the most interesting thing you read for this course? Why was that interesting? Outline three (3) main things you learn t in this course . One (1) thing you learn t that can be immediately applied to work or school is… What were some of the challenges experienced in doing this activity? How has this activity impacted your thinking of project management practices in business ? -END OF ASSESSMENT –

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Project Management
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