Project Management

Project Milestone Subsections

The Sub-Planet Company project needs to launch a sports shoe product in the UK. Thus there is a need to conduct research that looks into the market. More specifically, there is a need to look at performance management, earned value management, cost estimates, budget, procurement, and schedule forecasts.

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Project Management
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Rules for Cost and Performance Management

The work breakdown structure (WBS) is an excellent place to commence our Sub-Planet Company (SPC) planning. We will ensure that many operations are clustered into one work package and that various job packages are clustered into a chief controlling account. Each of them will be allotted an account executive who will monitor its advancement in actual life; the same individual could manage numerous accounts. We describe the “when” component at this juncture, trying to define both high- and low-level developments and assign appropriate deadlines to each action taken by our company (Lebas, 2018). Then we proceed to time-phased budgetary allocations, which involve allocating the overall expenditure at every activity level within a work item. This would include labor, material, and subcontractor’s expenses. We will also allocate advancement measurement techniques to each work item, determining how EV will be evaluated afterward for a task-in-progress.

Earned Value Management

EVM is a strategy used by project leaders to monitor the project’s performance against project benchmarks (Lebas, 2018). A project’s advancement is frequently considered in terms of being in front or behind timeline or over or under spending plan. Calculation of the Schedule Performance Metric (SPI): SPI = EV/PV.

SPI of Sub-Planet Company (SPC) compares actual advancement to planned performance. An SPI value implies that a minor Sub-Planet Company (SPC) project was done than anticipated. An SPI of our company greater than 1.0 will indicate that more projects were done than scheduled. Calculation of the Cost Performance Metric (CPI): EV/AC = CPI. CPI of Sub-Planet Company (SPC) compares the worth of work completed to the accurate price (Lebas, 2018). A CPI value of 1.0 will indicate that costs were higher than anticipated. CPI greater than 1.0 will imply that expenses have been less than compensated. For SPI and CPI, a value greater than one will be considered positive, while a value less than one will be considered harmful. If we were in a rush, we could deduct instead of the divide to get the variance for both cost and schedule. Schedule variance equals EV–PV, and variance analysis equals EV–AC. Subtraction can be done very quickly in the head, but in these instances, >0 is good, and 0 is terrible. However, in contrast to SPI and CPI, variance cannot be successful, especially across initiatives or over time.

Schedule Forecasts

They deal with projections of situations and occurrences depending on the info and understanding present when the timeline is estimated. Projections are revised and reprinted in managing projects regarding work achievement information given as the plan is completed. The data is determined by the project management’s previous results and future expectations achievement, and it involves product profitability performance measures that may affect the project in the long term.

The timeline projections of the Sub-Planet Company (SPC) are deduced from the advancement against the baseline plan, and the mode is helpful in approximation to finish. Generally, this is in the form of timeline variability (SV) and schedule performance index (SPI). Variances between scheduled and forecasting future completion dates are supplied for initiatives that do not use earned value engineering. Our project management will forecast to decide if the scheme is still within demarcated tolerance ranges and ascertain any necessary modifications.

Cost Estimates

This workout is finished in most Sub-Planet Company (SPC) instances in the project planning phase. The given approval for expenditure (AFE) finances are acquired, and all of the data is immediately decided to file away out of sight. Different methods are used to establish approximations predicated on available data in our early phases. This access to sensitive information taking account, device taking that into account, and parameterized predicting.

The Sub-Planet Company (SPC) then begins to move on to its execution stage, where the best route forward would be selected, ignoring the discrepancies between that route of implementation and the path envisaged while generating the budget the average (Babar et al., 2017). If the company’s cost management program, including a software package, is utilized, it is not acceptable to ignore implementation adjustments after the spending plan is based on approximate data.


The Cost Baseline is the authorized edition of Sub-Planet Company (SPC). The time-phased budgeted cost excludes any managerial reserve funds and can only change through the structured change control system (Babar et al., 2017). 

Project Funding Prerequisites: Sub-Planet Company (SPC) financing will occur in stages, based on specific milestones. As a result, they are not constant. This section discusses when the funds will be issued and how to handle the building and maintenance.


Since the procurement facets of each specific task of the Sub-Planet Company (SPC) will be distinctive, this procedure may require repeated once or numerous times if multiple agreements are involved. Of course, if the decision has been made to establish all our deliverables “in-house,” there seems to be no necessity to prepare or utilize the acquisition process (Cropley, 2017).

Conclusion and Recommendations

EVM enables leaders to monitor the project’s performance against project benchmarks. The WBS allows clustering operations and job packages in a central controlling account. Schedule forecasts allow projections to be revised and reprinted in managing projects regarding work achievement information given as the plan is completed. The cost estimates generate the budget, and procurement establishes all deliverables. It is recommendable for the procurement phase to be thorough such that nothing is left out. Also, the budget needs to be adequate to cater to all the requirements of SPC.


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Cropley, C. H. (2017). The case for truly integrated cost and schedule risk analysis. In Handbook of Research on Leveraging Risk and Uncertainties for Effective Project Management (pp. 76-108). IGI Global.

Lebas, M. J. (2018). Performance measurement and performance management. International journal of production economics41(1-3), 23-35.

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