Re search Paper & Presentation Instructions Business Communication (BUS 130) Research Paper Paper specs ■ APA (Times Roman font, 12 pt., double spaced, in -line citations included, properly formatted works cited page and 1 inch margin) , cover page, and 1.5 -2 pages (inclu ding a works cited page ) – refer to examples ■ Include your name , course name , date of assignment and course section on the title page with an appropriate title for the assignment . Professor Role: • The final project will be graded in the following ways: ■ rough draft of the paper and PowerPoint presentation ■ final draft of the paper, PowerPoint and the oral presentation (prerecorded Zoom presentation or during a live Zoom session) Student Role: • Option 1 Assignment: The student will select a Fortune 500 company to comp lete a 2-page SWOT analysis on two area s (st rengths, weaknesses , opportunities or threats) of the company . Opt ion 2 Assign ment : The alternative assignment is to do a personal analysis of your strengths , weaknesses , opportun ities and threat s as a 2-page (maximum ) research paper . If you select to do a per so nal a nalysis , you will research each area (streng ths , weaknesses , opportunit ies and threats). • Option 1 Ass ignment: The research will involve understanding the two areas of the company in their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats . Option 2 Assignment: The alternative assignmen t is to learn about y ourself through a SWOT analysis . • Option 1 Assignment : You will report on 4 subtopics ( option 1 ass ignment) of their SWOT an alysis catego ry if you re search a company . Option 2 Assig nment: If you choose to complete a personal SWOT a nalysis, you wi ll complete e ach area (streng ths , weaknesses, opportunities and t hr eats with at lea st two sub topics or subh eadings). • Each student will a PowerPoint presentation . • Each student will produce a 1. 5 – 2-page report with at least two cited sources to add to the works cited page. • The word count for the completed paper 200 -400 words. • All parts of the project are to be submitt ed on the due date listed on the course calend ar. Presentation ■ Each person will deliver a 3 or 4 -minute business presentation (prerecorded or in a live Zoom session – it dep ends on the section of the course, online or virt ual) ■ Slides musts consist of the following: • Introduction containing topic and the presenter’s names. • Option 1 Assign ment: A minimum of five ( 4) sub points are required for the 2 SWOT categor ies Option 2 Assignment: 2 su bpoints for each SWOT category if you are comple ting the personal SWOT an alysis . • Images, video clips, quotes, graphs, sound files and photos should be used to reinforce the presentation. The appropriate colors should be used; company logo placed on all slides. Cartoons and cartoon animations are not to be used. Vulgar language or inappropriate images are not to be used in the presentation. • Your c onclusion should stress whether the strengths outweigh the weakness or the opportunities outweigh the t hreats. • Must include a works cited on the last slide. • All virtual and on -ground courses are required to present virtually or in the classroom. Exceptions are only allowed in unexpected situations. Please Note: Students must complete presentations on scheduled date.

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