Identified Issue: Early Childhood EducationAccording to the SOAC-2021, Fact Sheet of California, the number of children attending early education is distributed, with the Black children seeming to be the most disadvantaged. A high percentage of black children are not proficient in reading in both the 4th grade and the 8th grade. The data also presents fewer black children graduating from school and more children getting suspended than White and Hispanic kids.
Strengthening Families Protective Factor: The most probable factor that can influence kids’ educational development is the social and emotional competence of the children.According to the NAEYC competency analysis, the child’s ability to develop a good learning ability is dependent on equitable access to good quality of learning and care environment. This kind of environment will have an impact on the kids’ emotional competence and their social interactions. NAEYC suggests that there are specific skills, knowledge, and values that will ensure that the child acquires excellent emotional competence and social equivalence.
C. Present your advocacy position.
Issue: The Black children being the most disadvantaged by the school system of the united states suggests they are not provided with the same opportunity and some development environment and resources that would help them acquire the emotional and social capabilities of the other groups. The Black children seem to lack the proper environment for their development, yet they are placed in a standard curriculum without considering their disadvantages.
Application: Vygotsky’s sociocultural theoryThis theory suggests that during early childhood, the child acquires culture, beliefs, and problem-solving strategies from the adults in the society. In a Black neighborhood with a not school-oriented culture, black children tend to be ignorant of the need to acquire reading skills and proper emotional capabilities.
Application:Recognize that children are best understood and supported in the context of family, culture, community, and society. The system should be designed to help children learn within their culture and community.The NAEYC suggests that a program that suits the children connects with and uses museums, parks, libraries, zoos, and other resources in the community.
D. Action
The first action is to convince the school to provide enough time for the research on my advocacy and ensure that proper research on the factors leading to Black children lagging are raised and determine the appropriate audience.Provide and spread enough child care information to the children, parents, and teachers through social education and government involvement to ensure all the children get equal access to a better environment of development.
With appropriate information spread to the teachers, parents, and advocates, understanding of how kids develop. The parents will understand what is best for their children and eliminate the ignorance brought by culture and community relations.
ACTION TEAMThe action team will involve my fellow students and some of their parents from the Black families who would accept to get the information.


Children’s Defense Fund. (2021, April 2). The state of America’s children 2021 – Factsheets.

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Mcleod, S. (2008, February 5). Lev Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory.

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