PowerPoint Slides

Please write three pages and a half about the three questions I will give you in my PowerPoints serveyed 

[  just slide 9,10,11, and 12] .

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PowerPoint Slides
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Follow the rubric that that I will provide it , and I will give you a simple paper that was done by my professor but with a different topic. And you see the rough outline paper with that.

Please do the three pages and a half correct with following every file step I provide it.

So please the whole files that I sent you 

1. PowerPoint Slides 

2. Rough outline paper 

3. Rubric ” Follow it step by step”

4. Simple paper ‘ Done by my professor, but with a different topic, and do not take any word from this simple I just send it to you to see the organisation of it and do it the same in my three pages and a half part.


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