Philosophy Essay

Using the Summerhill reading posted on D2L, write an 800-900 word essay explaining whether you would want attend. 

If you choose to attend, respond to at least two criticisms of the school. To be clear, explain why a critic would argue that a student should not attend, then explain why that way of thinking is flawed. 

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Philosophy Essay
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If you choose not to attend, response to at least two aspects of the school that A.S. Neill finds as a strength and explain why that way of thinking is flawed. 

This essay should be in MLA format. A works cited is not necessary, but you are required to use quotations from the reading. You should cite a quote like this: “Summerhill has…..” (Neill 45). You must use a minimum of 3 quotations. You may use additional sources. If you do, you must cite the additional sources.


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