Organizational Behavior

The final assignment for the course will test your knowledge on one particular area of study in the field of Organizational Behaviour. The topics to choose from are:  Working in teams  Bias in the workplace  Conflict resolution  Performance feedback  Organizational culture  Facilitating creativity  Decision making obstacles  Communication in organizations  Job and organizational design  Contemporary work environments If you would like to use a different topic, you must request approval from me first. You are expected to make an argument on the topic and back it up with strong sources. Make it convincing and make it stand up to scrutiny. The argument must not be something as simple as ethics in organizations are important. Make it more specific, answer a question you find interesting. And then convince me that your argument is true utilizing knowledge gained in the course. Your paper must include: 1) Introduction where you will introduce to topic, define any terms, and provide your thesis or argument (for example: expending resources on conflict resolution tools in the workplace is not a valuable use of money) 2) Evidence and a strong argument to back up your thesis. I expect external academic sources to be used, two or three sources should suffice. Further referencing from non-academic sources may support your paper but will not count towards the peer-reviewed source expectation 3) A summary/conclusion of the paper Organizational Behaviour – BUS 2103-050/470 Kevin Freedman ( The paper will be marked as follows: 30% grammar, structure, and referencing – This is a second year university paper and I expect it to be written as such. All grammatical errors will lose marks. This is how the paper is structured, its style, how well the ideas flow, and how engaging it is for the reader. You may use your choice of MLA, APA, or Chicago style referencing but it must be used consistently and correctly. 70% content – This is the meat of the paper, including the main idea, how well the thesis is argued, the quality of the sources, and overall, how well it convinces me that your argument is correct, that you understand what we have been studying, and are able to apply knowledge from the course. This assignment is worth 20% of your final mark in this class. I expect the paper to be between 1,500 and 2,000 words but am flexible if the quality of the paper warrants slightly fewer or more words.

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Organizational Behavior
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