organizational analysis


The YMCA is a facility that works together to help the community on what matters the most. It is aims to ensure the health of every individual, including the family, friends, and the community in general has been achieved. At the Y community, the staff aims to ensure the community is active so that they work on their health, which improves their wellbeing, mind, and body. The Y provides both programming and activities to families so that they can connect with old friends and new friends. Joining the YMCA is a great idea to keep focused, and to be committed to achieve positive health goals , while building connection between community members . The staff members bring work mission and value to the workforce and help the YMCA achieve its goals and objectives. This report is a summary and interpretation of interview responses and identifying salient points from the two interviews. An initial organizational analysis for YMCA, and all the potential areas where change should be made is discussed.

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organizational analysis
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Trends/themes from the interviews

  • Point 1

The first theme/trend identified from the two interviews is that the staff members are inspired by the leaders of organization . According to the principal Josh Sutton, who is the chief executive of the organizations stated that the management crew really listen to their staff members and always take every feedback into consideration . For example, he stated that the PTO had to be implemented so that it could be fair for all the staff members. The new pay time benefits for the part timers were implemented to be similar to that of full timers. When the staff members are treated equally, they tend to be inspired and work towards achieving the organizational goals. Similar to Josh , the branch executive, named Kelly, has great leadership skills that really connects to the organization and the community members , she works fairly works with everyone so that everyone can achieve a common goal in the organization . Kelly has good intentions and she also believes no one should taken for granted . Also similar top executive , Lamar who is shift lead plays huge role by advising and guiding all the shift staff members at the Y.

  • Point 2

Communication is an essential aspect for better decision making and achieving the goals of the organization. A key trend for the organization is communication, in which the staff tend to ensure they are working together to achieve the organizational vision and mission. The principal Josh highlights that through communication and listening, it helps the operations future goals. The management are also expected to do same since they cannot solve problems without involving staff members . An essential concern for every organization is to ensure an effective communication to improve decision making, and critical thinking to solve any issues that comes in the organization. Kent YMCA Lead, Lamar, notes that communication with others is always helpful to support healthy learning. Communicating with staff members in the organization supports a healthy learning environment in which everyone is able get their point across . While the members might sometimes not come into agreements, it ensures that everyone can contribute in the decision making which is helpful for the success of the organization.

  • Point 3

An essential factor in decision making is to collect relevant information so that the decisions can be supported by facts. Through evidence based research, it possible to make decisions that result to positive outcomes. The principal, gathers information by understanding each situation and asking people on any ideas or concerns. Similarly, Lamar uses the same concept, but decides what the staffs wants and assists them or get them the right person to help them out.

Four Frames Analysis

  • Discover

They have discovered that motivation is a key for the success of the organization. Success can be achieved through great leadership skills, and treating everyone in a fair manner. Through greater leadership skills and fair treatment, the staff has been motivated and thus works with great responsibility.

  • Strategic Management

A key aim is to promote open communication to make decisions. Strategic plans starts with key planning of the objectives and what the organization want to achieve. Through communication, the key objectives and goals are brought on the table and discussed on how to meet them.

  • Human Resource

The team collects information from different sources to ensure they have acquired the needed resources for better decision making. They aim to ensure every issue is addressed and help other staff members who do not have knowledge to achieve a common goal. Evidence based decision making helps the company to solve issues from facts.

  • Symbolic

At some point, the leaders and staff members might not positively receive advice, which can affect the organizational performance. It is always essential to take advice which could improve better decision making and achieve positive outcomes.

Appreciative inquiry

The leadership should focus on building a strong relationship with the employees so that they could be able to work together to achieve positive outcomes. Further, they should encourage communication between the team members so that they can make better decisions more effectively. Further, they should focus appreciating diversity of the staff member since that brings new ideas in the organization, while improving awareness and knowledge to staff.

SWOT analysis


Committed workforce has ensures tasks are done in a timely manner and that they have enough responsibility. Great leadership skills have also been enhanced, for example, the leaders promote fair treatment of all the staff members , and encourage feedback from them. There is effective communication in the organization which has supported in the decision making. The organization has a good reputation on working with the community members .


There isdelayed feedback (Each month), I suppose it should be weekly. Further Miscommunication can cause a lot of Conflicts between the team members which can affect work performance and responsibility.


The leaders should focus on encouraging effectiveCommunication which can help solve daily issues. Further, the human resource should consider hiring more staff with talent to help with tasks completion.


Some of the threats that could affect the organization includeResistance to change, Pressure from leaders, and cultural differences.

Potential changes

It is essential to ensure there is effective communication throughout so that the staff members can make decisions. The managers should also outline the tasks and how they should be accomplished by the team members. This would ensure everyone has a responsibility in finishing up the tasks. The principal ought to interact with the staff members so that they can achieve a common objective. Together they can be able to achieve the goals of the organization. The feedback should also be given to the staff members on a weekly basis which would improve their performance and responsibility for the organizational success.

Recommended area of change

I would recommend the staff to have weekly discussions on issues facing the organization. This should include the concerns and more feedbacks to ensure an environment in which everyone can be welcomed . Not only to discuss the issues, but also update each other tasks on what they should work on and their goals for that week. The meetings can either be done on Mondays or at the end of week. Employee training is also essential for the staff. For example, how they can enhance effective communication with others to build stronger connection.

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