organic chemistry

Module 12: Acids and Bases are All Around
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Acids and bases are more prominent in your everyday life than you have ever realized. You goal for this discussion board is to find a product around your house or the grocery store, look at the ingredients and find an acid or a base in the ingredient list. In your initial discussion board post, you are to say what product you chose, identify the acid or base contained in that product, and finally do some research into the acid or base and learn and share some information about the acid or base. Some things you could share could be: Why is it in this product? What can this acid or base be use for outside said product? Is it contained in any other product? This is not a comprehensive list and feel free to share any information about the acid or base that you choose and find interesting. The goal for this discussion board is that you discover how important acids and bases are in our everyday lives. 
Please read the responses already submitted before you choose your product to assure none of your classmates have chosen the same acid or base that you did. If they did, you need to find another acid or base to discuss. Your initial post must be submitted by Wednesday of the week it is assigned and be at least 250 words in length. You must then reply to two of your peers’ post by the following Sunday at 11:59pm. In your reply, you can either add to their information or ask them other questions about the application they chose. Your replies must be at least 100 words in length.

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