Answer each question and explain in a conclusion paragraph of of 7-10 sentences how this course is related to a bankers career. 


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·1- Examine how various supply and demand scenarios affect the way prices and quantities are set by market interactions in perfectly competitive markets

2-Examine changes in price and quantity caused when governments take actions to modify market outcomes. 

3- Examine how changes in the cost of production affect pricing and production quantity decisions of a firm in a perfectly competitive market. 

4-Examine how the behavior of a firm changes when it operates in monopolistic, oligopolistic, and monopolistically competitive market environments. 

5- Examine how the concept of utility affects purchasing decisions by individuals and consumer surplus.



1-Examine how consumer spending, savings, investment spending, and other factors contribute to long-run economic growth

2-Examine macroeconomic aggregate indicators, such as the GDP, inflation rate, unemployment rate, and their implications on the national economy. 

3-Examine the roles of money, banking, and the Federal Reserve System, and how monetary policy is used to mitigate negative impacts on the national economy. 

4-Examine how fiscal policy is used to mitigate negative impacts on the national economy. 

5.Examine how exports, imports, the balance of payments, and capital flows impact individual national economics and global economics.


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