Learning Activity 5

Hide Assignment InformationInstructionsGeneral Instructions for Learning Activities Read/watch all assigned materials listed for the week in Overview.Submit learning activities to the correct week’s Learning Activity tab in the Assignment Folder.Put your name on your uploaded file. Refer to course materials, cases, and/or statutes to support conclusions. Review the grading rubric for Learning Activities.Learning Activity: due 11:59 pm ET, ThursdayBernie has asked all the interns to discuss the IRAC formula. He also has asked that you continue working with Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc. For this latest assignment, you and the other interns will practice case analysis to answer legal questions. You will use Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc., to answer legal questions in two scenarios.Bernie wants all the interns to be familiar with the IRAC format for case analysis. Although you will not be required to present the analysis in the IRAC format, Bernie emphasizes that you must provide in depth analysis to support your conclusions.Provide the information requested below in a report to Bernie in the format specified below. This is a two-part report.InstructionsWestlaw Login: By now, you should have your Westlaw login information. If not, please be sure to obtain the login information. Information about login and passwords is in Read Me First in Content (see “Access to Westlaw-Next”).Retrieve Case: Log in to Westlaw and retrieve the case, Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc., by entering this portion of the case citation in the search box on Westlaw: 94 Ohio App. 313.Read Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc.Part I. IRAC FormulaA. When we analyze our scenarios and apply Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc., which initial in IRAC (I, R, A, or C) does the Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc., represent?B. What does the initial chosen in A above represent?C. What is the significance of Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc., in our legal analysis of our scenarios below?II. Case Analysis to Answer Legal QuestionsRead the scenarios below and answer the questions. While you are not required to present your answers in the IRAC format, you must provide analysis/explanation to support your conclusions.A. Scenario: Marla Jennings was shopping at Super Stores. Store security believed that she had slipped some cosmetics into her small purse before leaving. After Ms. Jennings walked out the front door, the security guard walked outside and yelled, “Get back here!” Ms. Jennings followed him into the store and allowed him to search her small purse. No stolen cosmetics were found. The search took about one minute, and Ms. Jennings left the store within around three minutes. Ms. Jennings wants to sue Super Stores for false imprisonment. Analyze and explain whether the scenario is “false imprisonment’ based upon Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc.B. Scenario: Joe Johns was another shopper at Super Stores. Mr. Johns is 5’2” tall and weighs 115 pounds. The store security guard is 6’6” and weighs 285 pounds. The security guard believed he had put canned goods in his coat pockets. The security guard came up very close behind Mr. Johns, pushed him forward, and said “Get into the security office. NOW!” Mr. Johns realized he was in a narrow aisle and the only way he could go was into the security office. The security guard said, “Stay here!”, walked out, closed the door, and stood blocking the door as he talked on his cell phone. Mr. Johns could see him blocking the door through a window next to the door. After 35 minutes, the security guard came back in and pulled two small cans of paint from Mr. Johns’ pockets. Super Stores does not sell paint. Mr. Johns wants to sue Super Stores for false imprisonment.Analyze and explain whether the scenario is “false imprisonment’ based upon Lester v. Albers Super Markets, Inc.FormatThe report should follow the format below. Label all parts and sub parts of the report.TO: Bernie Franks, Director of ParalegalsFROM: your nameRE: IRAC Formula and Case Analysis to Answer Legal QuestionsDATE: Part I. IRAC FormulaA.B.C.Part II. Case Analysis to Answer Legal Questions


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