Leadership Style

Unit I Leadership Style Video Transcript (0:00 -1:00) Dr. Sonya Rogers: In this unit, we will compare various leadership styles and how each of those styles can impact organizational performances. Dr.

Hargadon, could you give an example of what you think about this thinking and how leaders can use different styles to work with their followers and how to motivate them to perform well? Dr. John Hargadon: Sure, so when we talk about leadership styles, what we typically talk about is the approach, right? How the leader is actually goi ng to interact with their followers. And so, the leader, typically, the classic model is going to be sort of an autocratic style on one end of a continuum, which is going to be the leader makes all the decision and then sort of dictates down to the followers in the organization what’s going to happen. And on the other end of the continuum, is going the sort of the democratic approach, democratic style, which is where the leader is going to solicit input. It’s going to (1:00 -2:00) be m ore of a group decision, collaborative type decision -making. And so, depending upon what type of organization you’re in, the leader is going to be somewhere on that continuum. Very few leaders are purely autocratic or purely democratic; there’s going to be some sort of a flow back and forth in organizations. The type of organizations have a lot to do with which one is going to be most effective. But potentially, the most important variable’s going to be the follower. How does the follower re act? And so, good leaders need to understand that there are different styles, different ways to deliver their leadership. And if they’re able to effectively do that, it can significantly improve organizational performance. Sonya: So there is no one set style ? John: That is correct.

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Leadership Style
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