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Coats, K (2012). Leading diversity: the work leaders cannot ignore. Tomorrow today. Retrieved from http://www.tomorrowtodayglobal.com/2012/12/05/leading-diversity-the-work-leaders-cannot-ignore-2/

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part 1

In all previous units, there have been opening quotes. As part of our classroom discussion in this unit, you are asked to choose your own. It could be a famous saying, something that was repeated in your home, a translation from your mother tongue of a proverb or, even, your own golden saying that describes diversity.Please choose your diversity quote and answer the following question:

As a leader, how can you ensure that you leverage diversity for increased productivity and creation of a motivating environment rather than hire, interact, and promote individuals that are like you?

  • Minimum of 300-words for your original post, use your own words only and reference your sources.

part 2

  1. Please re-visit the following site:https://www.forbes.com/2010/04/20/global-2000-leading-world-business-global-2000-10-intro.html#1f18dbb1512b 
  2. Visit the site listing the best companies for multicultural women:http://blogs.forbes.com/meghancasserly/2011/05/24/the-best-companies-for-multicultural-women/
  3. Choose one leading company. Do research on this company to find out how it leverages diversity. Use UoPeople resources, the Internet, or your local library.

The paper should be between 2-3 pages, organized and referenced in accordance with APA format.

part 3

Based on what you have learned in this unit, please comment about your bias and your plan on how to be a leader who leverages diversity.

Minimum is 200 words and cite references in apa format.

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