International Management

Hi, I want you to make me presentation slides and speaking note for me. This is totally an individual presentation and In which i have to speak about 6 to 8 minutes on International Management by using examples to illustrate my key learning points about international management. Below are the instructions professor give me about how to make the presentation and I am also attaching the pdf of book which helps you to now about the course and what important point you need to add in presentation.

Please read carefully the below instruction and try to take points from book which is attached with this document.

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International Management
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Professor instructions:

  • In this assignment, you will create an approximately 6 to 7 minutes video in which you will use examples to illustrate your key learning points about international management. Note I need to see your face at least half of the time in the video.
  • You are required to provide PPT slides or note for the presentation. However, having a few slides or some hand-written board notes will often make a big difference in setting a clear structure and facilitating your presentation.
  • In addition, I would suggest you to go through the textbook one more time and map out key concepts and learning points before you start shooting the video. This exercise will be valuable as you work on your final exam.
  • If you are not sure how to get started, here are my advices: just imagine someone who knows very little (or nothing) about international management approaches you and asks you to spend a few minutes explaining to him/her what international management is. You will need to think about which key points to talk and how to explain them clearly with examples, so that your audience can get a great sense of the essential knowledge in international management, yet not overwhelmed by abstract and unclear terms/jargons. That means, you need to have a reasonable coverage of key points in the subject area (not talking about one single issue throughout), but you don’t want to spread out too thin such that you don’t’ have time to explain anything clearly.
  • This assignment is essentially an opportunity for you to present your learning and key take-aways from the course, which involves judgement of which part of knowledge is more essential than others to international management. A good practice: Try it once to someone and see if that person understands what you are saying!
  • Note: Try to take most the points from the book and course slides ( you are also allowed to take few notes from articles, research paper, etc. But always reference them)


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