Homeland Security

InstructionsEach question should be answered separately on one page and should be at least 300 words for each question. Additionally, remember cite any outside references in APA Format. I have attached the 2003 Rand Report and the 2017 CSR Report to the uploaded message option.Week#1Discussion# 1After reading the 2003 Rand Report, and the 2017 CRS report, compare, contrast, and discuss the major differences from 2003 and 2017 with respect to homeland security issues and policies. How far have we come? Which major hurdles have we accomplished and which are still outstanding? Have our priorities changed (and in what way) since 2003?Discussion#2After reading the 2003 Rand Report, and the 2017 CRS report, and answering discussion number 1, what should our public policies be focusing on at this time? Is there currently an effective strategic plan or even the resources to make these priorities possible to achieve or manage?


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