Home Depot, Inc.

Prepare the first four sections on Home Depot, Inc. for your final paper. The sections are as follows:1. Introduction2. Leadership Analysis3. Ethical Factors4. Strategic AnalysisThe sections should be written completely as if they were all ready to be graded and part of the final paper. The sections must be the introduction, leadership, ethics, and strategic analysis. Each section should be between 2-3 pages of narrative, and the references should build on the five references listed in the outline.- Each section should define the part of the business, describe how the company is approaching that part of the business, and then analyze that part of the business given your knowledge and experience.- When writing the final paper, the sections turned in for week 4 should be re-written in response to any comments made by the professor. Papers should be APA style, with one-inch margins and 12-point font.*** PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL WORK WILL BE CHECKED FOR PLAGIARISM, ORIGINALITY AND THIS PAPER WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE GLOBAL REFERENCE DATABASE AND OTHER DATABASES, SOFTWARES AND PLATFORMS. IN ADDITION, PLEASE DO NOT USE ANOTHER STUDENT’S PAPER, WORK OR IDEAS. AGAIN, ALL WORK WILL BE VERIFIED TO ENSURE ORIGINALITY SO PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL WORK IS CITED AND REFERENCES ARE INCLUDED THROUGHOUT THE PAPER. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION AND UNDERSTANDING IN THIS MATTER!

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Home Depot, Inc.
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