Global Business

Element 010 

Weighting: 50%

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Global Business
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There are five (5) questions in this Assignment 

Attempt ALL questions for 100 marks.

All questions carry equal marks 

The answers to each question must be a maximum of 300 words. 

A maximum of 1500 words limit for the portfolio of questions.

Question 1:

Identify the main drivers of globalisation and explain with good examples how costs associated with globalisation can be mitigated.

Question 2:

By illustrating with real life examples discuss the current issues and challenges perceived as impacting on globalisation and propose suggestions to dealing with these concerns.

Question 3:

Using Michael Porter’s five forces classic business framework, evaluate the competitive environment of any company of your choice and discuss any other forces observed about the organisation.

Question 4:

Explain what is meant by ‘organisational culture’ and with examples from a selected industry/company discuss how its culture impact on organisational performance.

Question 5:

With good examples across various economies discuss the role of the IMF/World Bank and the financial markets in providing liquidity during financial crisis.


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