General Electric

Discussion Rubrics

Discussion Rubrics

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General Electric
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Discussion Rubrics
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClarity and Professionalism10 ptsSuccessfully Accomplished- Careful and concise writing. Language is clear, precise, and grammatically correct. Clearly follows teacher’s instructions.6 ptsPartially Accomplished- Language is mostly clear and grammatically correct, but lacked specificity.0 ptsNot Accomplished- Language is vague and/ or incorrect grammar and sentence structure interfered with message clarity.10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeKnowledge and Insighfulness20 ptsSuccessfully Accomplished- Responses reflect deep understanding of concepts and are well supported with specific examples from the assigned materials. Responses are insightful and reflect appropriate application of concepts to the particular context addressed in the assignment questions.12 ptsPartially Accomplished- Responses reflect basic knowledge of concepts, but did not fully support them with specific examples from the assigned materials. Responses are mostly correct, but do not fully demonstrate insightful reflection or application of concepts.0 ptsNot Accomplished- Responses failed to reflect basic understanding of the assigned readings and/or materials.20 pts
Total Points: 30


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