Select a Fortune 500 or Global 500 company and use the toolbox links, MarketLine, LexisNexis Academic, IBISWorld, and the Annual Report to research the company’s profile, read financial reports, gain insight to the company’s competitive landscape with the focus on Finance and Capital.DiscussionAs with Units 2 through 6, please begin by de-constructing the assigned readings. Then for the Fortune 500 or Global 500 company you chose, analyze selected aspects of the cost structure and key resources elements of the Business Model Canvas to assess the financial performance of that company.Here are some keys to evaluate:MarketLine report SWOT analysis. Look closely for comments on financial performance, risks they are facing, sources of revenue growth, and financial or capital risk. Similar information will be in Hoovers Reports (Lexus) and IBIS World on the strength of the industry.Annual Report and/or 10K; read the management comments as they review growth trends, profitability, and cash flow.Identify key financial resources required for expansion. For example, what type of financial investments in R&D;, plant and equipment, and/or acquisitions have occurred? For example, what is Apple, Inc.’s financial strategy?HeadingsAnd as we hit unit 7, you know what content goes with each headingIntroduction.Theory Article Deconstruction.Case Study Application (the meat of the discussion).Conclusion.REFERENCES: Use the Capella University Library to read the following:Battersby, M. E. (2013). Funding your business expansion. Convenience Store Decisions, 24(10), 130–134.Mankis, M., Harris, K., & Harding, D. (2017). Strategy in the age of superabundant capital. Harvard Business Review, 95(2), 66–75.Use the Internet to read the following:Barton, D., Manyika, J., & Williamson, S. K. (2017). Finally, proof that managing for the long term pays off. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2–8.


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