Final Exam

This is a take home exam for which you have 3 days to complete it. It will provide you with a good review of the chapters already covered in the second part of the course. Do not write in point format-please write in essay format only. Please do research when completing the answers and provide intext citations and outside references.

1)What are the objectives and consequences of deregulation and privatization? Describe some of the forms of Market Regulation, Self Regulation and Government Regulation. (15 marks)

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Final Exam
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2)Compare the four different types of Competition and discuss how the Economic elements can impact business. (20 marks)

3) Describe how organizational resources and capabilities affect firm performance. Provide some application examples. (15 marks)

4) What is the relationship between technological evolution and industry evolution- provide application examples of real life companies that went through each one. In addition, describe the key features of technology life-cycle model. Describe how technology has impacted the workplace. Provide application examples of each. (25 marks)

5) Discuss seven areas in which sustainable practices can be assessed during the product’s life cycle. Include some application examples of companies. What is the Greening of Business Functions? Describes how this relates to Financial Management, Marketing, and Human Resources? Provide some application evidence from different companies. (25 Marks)

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