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Write 2.5 pages on each question below: Must have biblical scriptures to back up essay questions. You can use the King James Version or NIV version. You can also refer to our text book – An Exploration of Christian Theology by Don Thorsen. Those are the only 2 references allowed. If you need me to send book content, please let me know. Pages 256 – 260 1. Explain two ways that Calvinists (Augustinianism) and Arminians (Semi-Augustinianism)understand God’s control of our salvation and our participation in our salvation differently.2. Can a Christian lose his/her salvation? Explain the Calvinist and Arminian view, citing Scriptures for both. Make an argument for one side. To help you in the essay: 1. My personal belief is Arminanism with the exception of believing the 5th point – page 256 in the textbook. The scripture is the word of God and is always just and true. I am a sinner and born into sin. It is my nature to sin even though I am a believer and am born again in Christ.2. I personally do not believe that I can lose my salvation. I believe that through forgiveness I am forgiven through the blood of Jesus Christ, not by works. Once I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior he lives in me. John 3:16Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.


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