This assignment has two parts. Find two (2) articles in which epidemiologic methods were used. Provide the full PDFs (not just the citation) of both articles. 

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1- For each article, focus on the methodology and results sections, and identify:

  • What type of study was conducted?
  • Types of bias that may have occurred in their study
  • Ways that the authors attempted to control for these biases
  • How confounding may have played a role in the study and how the authors controlled or adjusted for it

2- One important aspect of an epidemiologic study is the communication of findings. Researchers publish their findings in journal articles and present the results to their peers at conferences, but it is also imperative that the results and implications are interpreted and communicated to the public in a manner that is understandable.

For each article, compose a short summary for a lay audience, who you should assume has no training in epidemiology. Ensure you provide a brief background on the general significance of the study, why it was done, an interpretation of the results, and the implications it may have for the study population or the general population.

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