English 2

Assignment #2 Always USE MLA Format 

Activism and Advocacy through Writing
Writing can be used as a form of activism. Sometimes, we may feel as though we have “nothing to say,” on a topic, and we feel as though we can or should stay quiet because it doesn’t directly affect us.
The thing is, our advocacy is an important part of who we are, and we know that there is danger in silence.
Write a narrative essay of at least 400-500 words  about a social justice issue you want to advocate about.
What are the things you didn’t know what to say when you started learning about it? What are the things you are too scared to say now? What do you think you should say now? (Need help choosing a topic? Pick up a local publication, online newspaper, etc. )

Clint Smith, Place Matters
Changing The World

Your narrative essay MUST:

use of a variety of sentence lengths and types. 
Start with “I have nothing to say,” and end with some version of “I have something to say.”
have a title
be about a topic bigger than yourself and your personal own life (though you can have a personal connection to it). Failure to do so will result in a loss of credit.


Narrative essays should have sensory details.
Smell, Sounds, Sight, Touch, Taste
Make the reader feel something as we did with the examples


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