The year is 2025. In a post Covid-19 world, more and more businesses have realized the benefits of a remote workforce. As such, 80% of Canadian workers have migrated back to working from home. A brilliant young woman by the name of Jaimie Sommers has capitalized on this new trend and created a rising social media site devoted to helping those seeking remote employment to promote themselves. This new site is called REMOTE IN, and to date it has over 5 Billion users worldwide. As you are looking for work in your chosen field, a close friend has suggested this new site to you to help in your search for employment. Your task is simple: complete the required sections as prompted and start promoting yourself to employers worldwide. 

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Note: Use your creativity. The object of your task is to promote yourself and your abilities in as few words as possible. Be concise. Pay attention to your tone and credibility. Think like potential employers and answers their questions before they ask them. You will be graded on your understanding of the 7 C’s, use of plain English and active voice. Feel free to add pictures if you feel they will help to show you in the best light.

Formatting: Word Document – 1-2 pages typed (including Photos), single-spaced. Utilize white space as much as possible, but pay attention to proper spacing. Spelling, grammar and punctuation count and add to your credibility (especially if you state you have a great attention for detail). Use headings wherever possible and make them stand out. Bulleted lists are highly suggested where possible.

Part 1: Profile  – 50 to 150 words

Write a brief biography about yourself. Where are you from? Where did you grow up? What are your hobbies? What awards have you won? Are you single? Do you have a family? Get in to the mind of employers and try to write what will help them pick you over other potential candidates. Be likeable. What will make you a desireable candidate? What will make them question your ability to fit in to their organization. Choose your words carefully and only show yourself in the best possible light. Every employer is different, but you can appeal to a broad range of individuals with the right approach.

Part 2:  Work History  100 – 150 words

Borrow from your resume, CV or whatever new form of employment history report they may use in the future. Keep it short. Use action words. Talk yourself up with stats and figures and your key strengths (don’t know what your key skills are? Take a  Meyers Briggs Test). Discuss your awards, your triumphs, and even your failures (and makes them strengths). Promote yourself as if you were the best person for the job in your field of choice. But, keep it brief, and make an impression. If its “scan-able,” all-the-better. Keep potential employers’ time in mind. They don’t want to read your 250, one paragraph novel. Break it up in to small chunks for them.

Part 3: What Makes You Special – 50 Words

No one can tell you how to write this. Use your own creativity to get noticed.

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