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Instructions:Answer each discussion question on separate pages. Please make sure to be 100% Original and cite all information in APA. Could you also separate the references so I will know which references go with which page. I cannot afford to have my assignment flagged by my instructor for not being original. Each question should be answered in one whole page of content. Please include reference page. Please follow instructions very closely!!! Please give examples to support the answers which my instructor has explained in his instructions. Discussion Question# 1: Week#7 Describe contingency planning in your organization, or if you can’t discuss your organization, use one that you are familiar with, such as Amazon. Be sure to discuss the functional teams that are part of the planning and execution phases and the types of natural disasters that would impact the organization’s ability to continue normal operations and need to be addressed in a contingency plan.Discussion Question#2: 8How can auditing and accountability enhance the overall architectural design of an information technology infrastructure? Please support your answer with specific examples and apply the principles you’ve learned in this course in your responses to your peers.PLEASE MAKE SURE I GET A WHOLE PAGE OF CONTENT FOR EACH QUESTION AND BE 100% ORIGINAL AND CITE APPROPRIATELY IN APA. PLEASE USE EXAMPLES TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER


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