Discussion Question

The ACA or the AHCA: Imperfect Solutions to Increasing Access to Health Care?This week’s discussion focuses on the federal government’s role in protecting the public’s health using the ACA and current efforts to “repeal and replace” the ACA. Please note that the government’s role in protecting the public’s health did not begin with the ACA. In the late 1800s, Lilian Wald brought health care to the community. And in 1965, Congress passed bills authorizing Medicare and Medicaid. Since 1965, Congress has expanded government-sponsored health care to pregnant women and children.


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Discussion Question
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  • Compare the current provisions in the ACA including the four ACA Plans, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze with those in the failed first version of the AHCA. Are the four plans “affordable?”  If not, why?
  • Share your opinions about why the AHCA failed in the first attempt at passage.

TEXTBOOK: Mason, D. J., Dickson, E. L., Perez, G. A., & McLemore, A. R. (Eds). (2020). Policy & politics in nursing and health care (8th ed.). Elsevier. ISBN: 9780323554985.

From your course textbook, Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care, read the following chapters:

  • Advocacy in Nursing and Health Care
  • Lobbying Policymakers: Individual and Collective Strategies
  • The Affordable Care Act: An Uncertain Future
  • Public and Population Health: Promoting the Health of the Public
  • Contemporary Issues in Government

From the Internet, read the following:

  • Daniels, F. B. (2017). Side by side comparison—The Affordable Care Act and the American Health Care Act. Retrieved from https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/side-by-side-comparison-the-affordable-59415/
  • Kaiser Family Foundation. (n.d.). Timeline: History of health reform in the U.S. [Blog post]. Retrieved from https://kaiserfamilyfoundation.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/5-02-13-history-of-health-reform.pdf
  • Lestock, J. (2017, January 13). How the congressional reconciliation process works [Web log comment]. Retrieved from https://www.ncsl.org/blog/2017/01/13/how-the-congressional-reconciliation-process-works.aspx
  • The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. (2017). Summary of the American Health Care Act. Retrieved from https://files.kff.org/attachment/Proposals-to-Replace-the-Affordable-Care-Act-Summary-of-the-American-Health-Care-Act
  • National Council for Behavioral Health. (2017). Block grants, per capita caps would slash Medicaid, put beneficiaries at risk. Retrieved from https://www.thenationalcouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Medicaid-Block-Grant-Per-Capita-Cap-Proposal-Fact-Sheet_Updated-March-2017.pdf
  • Rudowitz, R., Valentine, A., Ubri, P., & Zur, J. (2017). Factors affecting states’ ability to respond to federal Medicaid cuts and caps: Which states are most at risk? Retrieved from https://files.kff.org/attachment/Issue-Brief-Factors-Affecting-States-Ability-to-Respond-to-Federal-Medicaid-Cuts-and-Caps-Which-States-Are-Most-At-Risk
  • Kaiser Family Foundation. (2015).The Facts on Medicare Spending and Financing. Retrieved from https://www.kff.org/medicare/issue-brief/the-facts-on-medicare-spending-and-financing/


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