Discussion 8

100 points; 5% of course gradeOriginal Post due by Thursday, 11:59PM ET; at least two replies to fellow classmates’ posts are due by Sunday, 11:59PM ET.300-500 wordsPost a brief presentation on your Oral History Project. Include who you interviewed and why, what you learned, and reflect on your experience with the project as a whole.For full credit, include at least one of your cited references, and remember to respond to the posts of at least two other classmates.*Do not cut and paste your final essay from Part 3 here.* Instead, present your act as you would if you were speaking in front of the class. If you would like to share your paper (and I hope many of you will), please add it to your post as an attachment.Refer to order 114850 for further information for this assignment. Umuc online women’s gender and society


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