Discussion 6

General Instructions for DiscussionCreate a new thread for each posting.Refer to course material using proper Bluebook in-text citations.Post responses here in public discussion forum.Please put the following in the subject line: Discussion + your nameAddress each classmate by name in your responses, and sign your name to each posting, please. Responses should be in depth, comprehensive, and promote further discussion beyond merely agreeing/disagreeing.Discussion: Part 1: due 11:59 pm Thursday; Part 2: due 11:59 pm SundayPart 1Bernie has gathered the interns for a discussion to begin exploring statutory research. A common question about legal research is “Where do I start?†Bernie has asked you and all the interns to offer their thoughts about where they would start their statutory research, based upon the material covered in this week.Discussion questions:A. Identify and describe two (2) resources that you would utilize to begin your research on law regarding whether a federal or state statute exists pertaining to a topic. Be sure to sufficiently explain why you chose these two resources as your starting points for your legal research.PLEASE NOTE: You are not being asked to identify a specific topic or specific laws. Only identify how and where – what resources – you would use to research whether there is now an existing federal or state statute on a topic. Umuc course online Week 6 check content for information for this assignment


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