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Product Idea and Search Engines/Electronic Marketing
After reviewing the assigned reading materials, complete the following activities:
1.  Develop a product service idea.
A. Describe the product/service including the benefits of using the product/service
B. Discuss the potential customers for this product/service
2.  Based on the nature of the product/service, recommend at least 3 possible ways to market the product electronically. Your suggestions must include at least one search engine. Describe your recommendations and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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I need  300 word response.


I need 150 words reply of below post.

I prefer XOOM app which is the money transfer application. 
Xoom is the handy application which is most helpful for the users who mostly prefers to use the online banking service because of its amazing features. I would recommend this application to every user because it charges less for transferring the money through online. When compared to other net banking services like western union money transfer and money gram application this is the better application than those two applications. XOOM application allows transferring the funds almost about 30 different countries; it also includes Philippines and Italy and France and Germany. XOOM headquartered in San Francisco. This application used from any device such as mobile phone or tablet or PC. This application was used by the almost 5million users to send or transfer the money to their friends or the family etc.; This application can be used in the device by following these steps, they are as follows:
1.    Install the app on the machine and register into the device for free and the user should enter the details to log into the account. 
2.    After the completion of entering the details of the customer or maybe the user. The user should select his mode of transferring the funds to the recipients, as the method of transfer includes the recipient details such as the name and country and the amount and which type of transmission which may be either bank deposit or cash.
3.    The user must enter the details of the recipient such as the full name of the recipient along with his address and the bank account number.
4.    After the completion of the above three steps, the user should move forward to the payment information on that module the user can choose the mode of payment which may be by using cheque or by using the debit card or the credit card. 
5.    After completing all the steps, the user must ensure all the details are correct or not then after should proceed to transfer the amount.
In this application, the transferring charges wholly based on the country, i.e., to which country the user is sending the money and also depends on the payout currency. If the customer has an American account, then their transferring charges are quite low compared to other. The maximum transaction time is four days. If the customer uses the debit card or the credit card to transfer the money the transaction time is less, i.e., capital will move faster. 
Advantages of using the XOOM application:
•    Transfer charges are low when compared to the other bank accounts.  
•    This application makes use of the transactions to make money.
•    This app is very secure than compared to other forms as it uses 128-bit encryption process. This application protects the personal information of the customer and the recipient.
Electronically marketing the product service idea:
•    To publish the application, ads must be used and should be posted on the social media sites to know about this application, and the announcement should consist of benefits of the form.
•    The ads displayed on the YouTube, and if the user goes through the commercial and makes use of it, he would be knowing his personal experience and highlight that the charges of transferring the amount in this application are less than other forms.
•    One should personally use this app and promote to other persons this creates the trust and everyone tries to make this app and makes this service idea successful.

3Q) I need 150 word Reply of below post
Initially, the soul of all organizations is new products and services. It is vital for business development and benefits, putting resources into their improvement is not a discretionary addition. Parting on the advancement procedure is dangerous in any case. An extensive organization and association it needs. But the vast majority of them are web envelopes or poorly-assembled applications, many sites and applications are used for testing. But still, a natural interface that is anything but difficult to use and take after, as this application would focus not only on the quality of the substance that promises you to pass the exam. For your cruise test or driving test, this app will allow you to be quite organized. In a simple design to see, the app would have the official driver’s manual. For authentic testing, the training tests in the application would be as sensitive as the first test with the training test questions. To handle precarious demands, the app will have clever clues that will allow it (Langan, 2017, p.1).
1) The newest social networking game changer online is the Periscope. This is a cell phone application that allows individuals to stream feed recordings to the faithful, for people who are not recognizable. To improve the situation at this stage at an early stage in the event that it becomes as common as some “specialists” say, it may be useful to add a touch of time. Reflections: Post opportunities once a week where you are facilitating and running a Q & A session. Make up your own individual and answer it, in case you do not get q’s directly to Periscope. About Periscope as a test, I could test an idea. I will report my findings, In case I do. Thinking about ten thoughts is not always too embarrassing, I must be honest. Keeping in touch with them and syndicate them on LinkedIn, Facebook, email and here, sharing them takes a lot of time, in any case between recording recordings.
I share for each day to a thought that I share for every day, I may need to decrease the 10 thoughts. I would transmit a ton of significant value while also being less overwhelming for me and you, my speculation are that, despite everything. Your thoughts on this, I would like to know (webwise.ie, 2016, p.3).
2) To tweet a connection to their live stream, Periscope clients have the choice. To make their video open or separate to certain users, they may also choose. Which prohibits remarks, as Scopes can be LBB. For example, a mobile phone to communicate, despite the fact that the fraudster most often uses a portable gadget. For example, Wirecast or Teradek using Periscope Pro, it is also possible to communicate via Periscope using an expert fusion of vision. By typing on the portable screen as a type of appreciation, Periscope allows watchers to send “hearts” to the Telecaster. A client can take after is 8,000, as the largest number of clients. Together the scoper and the watchers of the degree can watcher pieces. Clients are added to a blocked state and started from the extension, at the point of obstruction by the scoper. They are clogged with the extension, in case a sufficient number of scopers would hinder a client. The client is banned, in case they get more than four squares from four unique extensions (Kavyon, 2017, p.2).


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